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George Arndt (
Wed, 14 Mar 2001 12:23:53 -0500

well guys the winter snow has gotten to me. i took one of my empty 125
gallon tanks and set it up/ but i need fish. hehe. does anyone out there
have anything they would like to share. i would prefer some small fish.
line minnows, fundulus, or pygmy sunfish, or flagfish. something easy
and enough to be able to breed them. also would love some plants of any

i have a 75 and 55 and some 29's etc empty and could bring some other things
together to free up another 125 if the right fish can come along. some real
tiny yellow perch would be great. or some very tiny large mouth bass. they
all sound good. it would also be good if they are fish that you catch that
you dont really want or too many that you cannot use them.

i hope to move everything into outdoor ponds for the summer. not
necessarily putting the fish together. like no guppys into the pickerel
tank. hehe. or the guppy might disappear. I do not have guppys and dont
really want them. i like those that can take a cool winter. guppy needs
warm water.

like everyone I like cool fish. hehe. but of course we all think
differently on this.

you can write to me at this address or better is at
make sure you get that g in or it goes to someone else. who knows I just
might survive this snow and still be alive when the warm weather comes.

George Arndt
Harvard, MA
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