Re: NANFA-- Rainbow Shiners

Al G Eaton (
Thu, 15 Mar 2001 06:54:43 -0800 (PST)

They will most certainly not be safe. Both the
flagfish and rainbow shiners will eat the eggs and any
fry that are lucky enough to be overlooked as eggs.
Its a really good idea to have flowing water along the
length of the tank and to use marbles or a large
gravel bed. When I was in Missouri last summer I was
lucky enough to find an abandoned nest remnant from
the year before and I took enough pebbles to make a
nest in my 20 L that I am currently using for my
rainbows. They spawned in a 15 several weeks ago and
they are showing signs of being ready again. Just
waiting for the temperature to go up again. After
spawning is complete remove the adults and make sure
your power filter or powerhead intake has foam around

Mine showed an inclination to breed when the
temperature got above 62 but I think they need it a
little warmer. Keep notes especially the temperature.
You cant mistake sexually active males...they
absolutely glow and are not to be believed.


> >I have several Rainbow Shiners, 1 male and several
> females and noticed
> that
> >a couple of the females have "plumped" up. Being
> that the others have not
> I
> >am assuming that these two are becoming gravid.
> What should/can I do to
> >facilitate breeding? I have never bred these fish
> before.

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