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Okaay, let's see.... I've got my "Guide to The Fishes of Japan by Yamakei
Pocket Guides. Leuciscus hakonensis is a 30cm fish that migrates up rivers
to spawn. They are found in the Chugoku Region (Central Honshu) and spawn in
June and July. There are 3 other related species.
The Ayu, Plecoglossus altivelis altivelis, follows a similar lifestyle.
Other members of this family can be found as far as Taiwan.
Zacco sp, are as you mentionned trout like cyprinids that inhabit coldwater
regions of the rivers north of the Kanto Plain. I've seen them in the Toné
River and in the Moto Arakawa. They prefer clear running water not warmer
than low 20's(C) and school in groups of 5-10. They breed in early May and
June when the temperature rises. Males develop breeding tubercules and spend
time creating sheds in the river bed. Competition is fierce and fishermen
usually take advantage of this to catch them by putting a female on a lead
and snagging males that try to cover and lead her to their nest. Breeding is
similar to a trout's and they pay no further attention to the eggs after the

I have seen them kept in aquariums, a chiller and brisk areation is
necessary. They seem to be hard to wean onto anything other than live foods,
preferred prey are helgramites.
>Thanks for confirming this. I am not joking anyway. However I do not
>think the
>mackeral spawn in freshwater. When I reread the book the species name is
>Scomberomorus sinensis and it travels straight up to Khone Falls mainly
>looking for
>easy prey. Also some Jacks and travellys do venture into the river.
>I am not sure if Indian Tor species travel into brackish or salt water area
>ones in Thailand are restricted to upper parts of the river system. In
>though I think the cyprinids of the genus Tribolodon species [ugui?]
>venture into
>the sea. I see a pic of the returning adults of Tribolodon hakonensis that
>has the
>color pattern exactly like giant RBDs. Also may you fill me on natural
>history and
>captive care of the trout-like cyprinids Zacco [oikawa and kawamutsu A & B]
>Opsariichthys species [hasu]?
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