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Bruce Stallsmith (
Mon, 19 Mar 2001 13:16:00 -0500

Thanks for the posting, Bob. I sent off to Bundy for his razorback sucker
otolith article, gotta keep up with otolith work!

--Bruce Stallsmith
Huntsville, AL

>I just received the newest issue of The Southwestern Naturalist (Vol 46,
>1, March 2001) and noted several native fish articles that I thought were
>worth making known to the list. I have included the email address of the
>corresponding author so that you can (probably) request a reprint of the
>Bulger, A.G. ( and D.R. Edds. Population structure
>habitat use in Neosho madtom (Noturus placidus). Pages 8-15.
>Stephens, M.J. ( and D.A. Hendricksen. Larval development
>the Cuatro Cienegas cichlid, Cihlasoma minckleyi. Pages 16-22.
>Gido, K.B. ( Feeding ecology of three omnivorous fishes in
>Texoma (Oklahoma-Texas). Pages 23-33.
>Bundy, J.M. ( and K.R. bestgen. Confirmation of
>daily increment deposition in otoliths of young razorback suckers. pages
>Guzman, A.F., H.E. perez ( and R.R. Miller.
>Occurrence of the clingfish, Gobiesox fluviatilis (Gobiesociformes:
>Gobiesocidae), in the Rio Chapalagana, Mexico: confirmation of a historical
>record. Pages 96-98.
>Nico, L.G. ( and R.T. Martin. The South American
>suckermouth armored catfish, Pterygoplichthys anisitsi (Pisces:
>Loricariidae), in Texas, with comments on foreign fish introductions in the
>American southwest. Pages 98-104.
>For those unfamiliar with The Southwestern Naturalist, it is the journal of
>the Southwestern Association of Naturalists and deals with "the field study
>of plants and animals (living and fossil) in the southwestern United
>Mexico and Central America". The journal always is packed with interesting
>and useful information on a wide variety of topics. See
> for the table of contents of recent
>The current journal also includes the following announcement for book and
>information collectors:
>issues not available) back issues of The Southwestern Naturalist from 1956
>to 1989 (Volumes 1-34) are on sale for $100 plus $25 S&H. Issues after
>(volumes 35-43) are $32 per volume (4 issues) plus S&H. For more info.

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