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<< and children need flouride supplements any ways for growing
teeth. A pea sized drop of toothpaste has enough flouride in it for daily
use. Too much flouride, and your teeth turn black.... >>

I couldn't get the page to load to see the article, so I'm not sure what it
had to say. I play a dentist, too, 'cept at the office.... going on 27 years.
I don't have the concentration numbers for enamel fluorosis (mottled, not
black enamel), but it's a lot. Some areas in the southwest have natural
fluoride that may do that.

I have practiced during the time when fluoride has been introduced and I can
verify that is has been a major factor in eliminating pediatric caries
(decay)as a major health problem in the US. For kids to get decay today,
there's usually some form of neglect. The claims of pseudo-nutritionists and
scientists who play them on TV that fluoridation is bad have no scientific

You know, it's really hard to get my E. evergladei to floss! Obligatory fishy
reference!) ;)

Tom Payne

Kids need supplementation in areas where fuoride is not in the drinking
water. Supplementing and drinking the water's not good for them.

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