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dakota (
Sat, 31 Mar 2001 00:03:47 -0600

Chris S. wrote>
> I don't feed my darters or scupins chopped-up earthworms, but if I did I
> first squeeze the dirt out of the worm's body. It's a messy job, but I
found it
> makes the worms easier to slice, and keeps excess terrestrial soil out of
> aquarium.
Hi Chris... Have you ever tried putting the worms is some water for a few
Most times I have done this the worms excrete most of the dirt/soil from
their body and its easier to squeeze the remainder of the soil out.
> In the few occasions I've sliced up worms, I've used straight-edge razor
> and X-acto knives. As for a cutting surface, I've used whatever's
> (plastic tray, old kitchen cutting board, bottom of sanitary tub, bottom
> collecting bucket turned upside down).

I keep a short piece of pine (1"x6"x6") near the tanks to use for these
tasks and just rinse it off in the last tank I feed.
Charles Anderton
Round Rock, Texas
"Nobody cares in what direction you want the wagon to
go if you won't get out of it and help push." --Jonah Goldberg

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