NANFA-- I can't believe she said "yes".... ;)

Todd Crail (
Sun, 2 Mar 2003 11:22:40 -0500

Welp, there's a new aquarium in the Farmer's profile... And you might as
well start calling me "Farmer Faust" since I had to make a deal with the
devil to get it set up lol. (I'll get to the deal at the end of this email

On our little Xtreme Xcursion back in February, I'd brought home a larger
sized male Greenside darter. I'd tried keeping one before and failed him
miserably. They're awfully set in their ways about how they'll eat, and
they'll only eat very slowly. Juveniles, on the other hand are pretty
simple to keep and readily accept a broad array of food. So, arrogantly and
selfishly, I thought I'd get another animal involved to see if my "Kung Foo"
was any better these days.

He's doing "alright"... But... I've got rainbow darters that look like
spawning male african cichlid, cephaphilic hump and all. I think they'd
threaten even large male Frontosa lol. A bunch of fat-arses in that tank
now heeheehee. While I'm enjoying the extra color and "keeper worship" they
provide when I walk by the tank... They need to start fasting a couple days
at a time. Sheesh.

So, since I have the remnants of an LFS up in my attic, I thought I'd try
and see if I couldn't set up a tank for the Greenside, and add the newly
aquisitioned mudminnows to that system, as a temporary solution until I get
the basement finished and the other 75 set up down there. That tank will
then house all the pigs and the 30 will be the more delicate feeders.
Generally a better way to practice aquaria ;)

The tank is all set up besides having to pick up some lightbulbs... But now
I'm surveying the damage left all over the bargaining battlefield hehheh.
Since I've had an assets freeze placed on all things enjoyable until I'm
gainfully employed again... I had to really work this one. But that's
okay... It's gonna get me to the size of aquaria I want to keep and quit
holding on to the past.

The greatest spoil of war will be the 125 gallon. It's gotta go. I like
that I can do a 30 gallon water change (one 33 gallon garbage can worth of
water) and be done with it on a 75. I don't really want to have to go to an
increment greater than that. After the shop and everything, I feel that I'm
now safely in the Tens of Thousands of Gallons of waterchange category and,
well, I'm sick of doing it en masse lol. I had thoughts of doing it as a
specimen tank for a single bowfin and his "food"... But, I think it would be
best for it to just go.

So it's for sale, AGA 125 gal tank and Oak colored Pine stand. I won't
discuss price here to be courteous (not sure if I'm stepping over any
boundaries, sorry if I have), but will email with interested people off list
and will provide photographs and whatnot... Expect a very fair price. I
don't want to ship it, however, delivery is free up to 4 hours drive time
away based on a couple of things which I will explain to interested buyers.
One criteria that I will state now is... You have to take me collecting
after we've moved said tank to it's new destination ;)

So on it will be. This will provide funding for any native plant purchases
this spring to really take it to my turf grass war, so just think... You'll
also be helping Toledo area ecology too! ;)
Not to mention, help bring in all sorts of critters to populate the tubs
I'll be setting out per Uncle Scott and Jeff's advisement and do some
research in that regard to native fish...

Okay, so enough about all this... Hope everyone is having a delicious
weekend... And you Southern types better have some collecting reports this
week! Seems the Northern boys are getting way ahead of ya, inspite of the
ice! ;)


I hope you know that this will go down on your permenant record.
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