Re: NANFA-- Pygmy killifish spawning (!)

R. W. Wolff (
Mon, 3 Mar 2003 23:42:32 -0600

All my killifish except a select few ( none of them native to NA) are fed
mostly flake food, and pellets. They are also fed: blackworms, bbs, white
worms, grindal worms, daphnia, mosquito larvae, chopped earth worms,
cyclops, drain fly lavae, gammurus, amphipods ( or is that isopods? - the
doodle bugs that live in the water)and possibly some other things live. This
is less often the case though, since feeding prepared foods is quick and
easy. I do believe that meating live foods will produce more eggs, however.
Bluefins, and ommattas though can be picky, so it is very important to make
sure they are getting full bellies off prepared foods, or be prepared to
offer live until they accept prepared foods.

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