Re: NANFA-- a lil breedin' help

R. W. Wolff (
Tue, 4 Mar 2003 12:25:44 -0600

10 gallons work fine for most fish this size that I have spawned. With the
smaller tank, you should try to sex them so only one pair per ten. In my
experience neither of these fish are so aggressive that having the pair in
the tank together before, during, or after spawning will pose a problem.
They are secretive spawners. You might not know they spawned until you see
fry swimming around, or in some cases little dime sized sunfish.

The important thing is thick cover. I would suggest half of the tank being a
ball of java moss anchored to a solid bit of cover, a gnarled root for
example. Push this towards the back and leave the front open for a feeding
area. That way you can better see whos doing what where. Also adding small
things like cryptocorns or annubias in the foreground or stones even to
break up the open area. Floating plants are important too. Riccia, hornwort,
water sprite all fit the bill nicely. These all make good refuge for fry,
and if the male does get nasty , the last two also can help conceal a

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