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Not all AEs are the same. Though loads better at its job than the
Chinese AE (Gyrinocheilus aymonieri), the Flying Fox (Epalzeorhynchus
kalopterus), along w/ its cousin, the False siamensis (Epalzeorhynchus sp.
or Garra taeniata), are not the best choice of AE for a tank of any
size. All of the above spp. have many inherent problems including:
intraspecies aggression & increasing interspecies aggressiveness as they
grow in size. Also w/ growth comes an ever increasing tendency toward
opportunistic feeding on their fellow tankmates' food while ignoring the
very algae we purchase them to control!

The best choice of AE minnow is the true Siamese AE (also referred to as
the Siamese Flying Fox), Crossocheilus siamensis. This species is
neither aggressive toward conspecifics nor toward interspecifics, nor
does it have the ever increasing habit of ignoring algae for other foods
as it grows.

All of the above spp. are somewhat similar in appearance to the untrained
eye. Identification of C. siamensis can be determined by examining fin
color & length & shape of the black horizon stripe. In C. siamensis, ALL
of the fins are either transparent or milky & free of any yellow or red
tinting. A black horizontal stripe travels from the snout through the
body & continues THROUGH the tail, ending in a point. Additionally, this
stripe is zigzagged along its edges. For reference pics of the various
AE spp., refer to


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Subject: nanfa V1 #1577 Date: Wednesday, March 5 2003 Volume 01 : Number

... I wonder if in your case, the best thing to do would be to do a bunch
of regular water changes, cut the light a bit, and get something that
might eat the algae. Some animals were already mentioned but another one
would be to pickup a (dare I mention an exotic on this list.....) flying
fox. They seem to do a good job on this small stringy type of stuff...

Nick Zarlinga
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