Re: NANFA-- Louisiana sinking and other thoughts

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Wed, 5 Mar 2003 22:21:00 -0500

Thanks for piping in Luke. I think that's a valid point, and one that I
won't even touch as I'm not a palentologist, just a fully fledged
speculativist :) There's prolly a bunch of different ways to argue that
matter, all of which based on observable and "proofable" concepts... I think
more of the point for our purposes is to discover how past melting of polar
caps etc had affects on salinity and the consequent movement of species to
utilize the new situations.

That, and to give John something else to think about when he's wallowing in
a muddy mess the next time ;)

So I hope I've not completely railroaded the conversation into the
"terminal" :)

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> Just to let everyone know out there
> -the astroid theory is obsolete now according to my biology profesor at
> washington state university. Fossil evidence shows that the dinosaurs
> around a million years to die out, not days, or weeks, but lots of time,
> why did the astroid kill the dinosaurs, but not the early mammals of the
> -luke
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