Re: NANFA-- Outdoor pond using water from sump pump

Travis Haas (
Thu, 06 Mar 2003 21:15:42 -0600

I recall that the labels on sump pump boxes all say that such pumps are
not to be used in fish ponds. The exact reasons for that I never found
out (but always wanted to know). Perhaps an inquiry to the manufacturer
would be in order. The danger may be more along the lines of the pump's
inability to pump water for extended periods than any danger of the
water coming out being in some way polluted.


Sajjad Lateef wrote:
> Hi all,
> A friend at work has a peculiar problem. He lives in an
> area with lots of ground water. His sump pump runs every
> 10 minutes or so. During the winter, the water from the
> sump pump does two things - it puddles in the middle of
> lawn forming a patch of ice killing the grass or the
> pipes freeze leading to a danger of sump pump failure.
> His community does not allow dumping of the sump pump
> water into the sewer system.
> So, he would like to build a outdoor pond of some kind
> which will accept the water from the sump pump and
> provide some kind of retention system.
> The main concerns are if the sump pump water is bad for
> the fish and what is to be done if the pond overflows
> from the accumulated water. His lawn is watered by the
> sump discharge without harm, so it shouldn't be that bad
> quality water.
> Any comments on ideas to utilize the sump pump discharge?
> Thanks
> Sajjad
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> Sajjad Lateef
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