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Denkhaus, Robert (
Fri, 7 Mar 2003 14:30:33 -0600

Thanks Jan! Sounds like I'll need to hit the highway and visit a decent
university library. Unfortunately, the DFW area has lots of universities but
none with a decent library of biological journals :( Oh, how I miss having
access to the libraries in the Univ. of Wiscosin system - they were the best!

Rob Denkhaus
Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge

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> Rob wrote:
> >>>I would also be interested in any other "good" paddlefish
> papers that you
> might be aware of. A couple of times each year, a fisherman
> talk about
> seeing
> what is usually described as a "weird catfish" in the West Fork of the
> Trinity
> River which runs through the Fort Worth Nature Center &
> Refuge. Some of the
> more detailed descriptions sound a lot like a paddlefish so I
> would like to
> see some decent papers describing habitat requirements and
> other pertinent
> data.<<<
> Jan writes:
> Rob, check this out --
> Blackwell, B.G., B.R.Murphy, and V.M. Pitman. 1995.
> Suitability of food
> resources and physicochemical parameters in the lower Trinity
> River, Texas,
> for paddlefish. J. Freshwater Ecol. 10(2): 163-175.
> Paddlefish in the Trinity are interesting. Their early
> growth is extremely
> rapid:
> 441 mm EFL Age I (vs < 4o0 mm EFL in many pop.s)
> 747 mm EFL Age II (vs < 600 mm EFL many pop.s)
> 786 mm EFL Age III
> Shallow backwaters with rotifer-dominated zooplankton
> assemblages may be a
> factor.
> Also - I believe that Ms Pitman authored some papers on historical
> occurrences and biology of paddlefish in Texas, but I do not
> have these on
> hand.
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