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Yeap. Good illustration Casper. A few years back we were in the water in
May after a big April flood. We were in swim trunks and warm water, so we
didn't have to worry about flooding up waders if we went down and that
horrible shock that stops your breathing when you hit that cold water. The
water was much much much lower than right now too, and was flowing at a
"leisure walking pace". Even still, a waterlogged log had made it's way out
in the stream. If I didn't have two other sets of eyes with me, I wouldn't
have seen it. My buddy saw it just before it hit me. We laughed "ha ha
would that have made you fill your drawers" and I went to push it off, like
it was some kind of stick or something.

I jammed my wrist so bad I had to quit fishing (I'm one of those people who
if I were a quad-amputee, I'd figure some way to head mount the pole ;)....

Not to mention the 6" diameter bruise it left on my hip.

Bad news in cold, faster water.

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> well said.
> since my mom has left i will take all the advice i can get.
> a few years back i went to do a early spring snorkle in a favorite
> north chaickamauga creek. the water was flowing very brisk and i was
> to jump in upstream and go w/ the flow downstream kinda like a carnival
> i had done this in the year prior but this time i was kinda nervous. the
> water was flowing faster and i could not see clearly what was in the water
> downstream. i finally decided not to make the leap and had to walk through
> bunch of brush to get in downstream. after recovering from the cold shock
> slowly pulled myself upstream along the edge. just below the point i was
> going to jump in from had a fully submerged tree snag w/ all the broken
> limbs facing upstream! i would have been impaled.
> always chose caution.
> i dont want to drown and i dont want to be eaten by gators.
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