NANFA-- surplus sunfish
Wed, 26 Mar 2003 17:09:08 EST

hello folks.
ive been clearing my cement pond in prep for spring and its oncoming breeding
frenzies. last year i had a big batch of sunfish fry develop and i have taken
to using a minnow trap to get them out. i dont want them rearing in the pool
or any other predators for that matter such as the current resident channel
catfish, crappies and parent sunfish. i want to see the shiners and killifish
multiply and not be eaten by these many small voracious sunnies.
they are quite pretty w/ colorful markings and patterns and range in size
from 1" to 3". they may be somewhat stunted which is nice for aquariums but
they are all plump and healthy. they are either longear or redbreasts but i
think it much more likely they are hybrids of the 2 species. their marking
seem to share characteristics of both. and i saw multiple use of their nests
last season.
since i cant put them in local waters and dont want to use them as fertilizer
im gonna offer them to anyone interested. i can use bg's recent shipping
method he recently posted and send a variety size carton of 6 to 12
individuals in 3 or 4 "breathable" bags. i am gonna ask for 10 bucks to cover
the mailing and such.
email me w/ your address if interested!
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