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Todd Crail (
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 13:48:57 -0500

Hi Terri,

They're best served in person, but here's the basics in type :)

1) Round Goby Pop is a quick and leathal way of destroying the invasive
exotic Round Goby. In fact, Michigan and Ohio DNR's demand it. You place
the dorsal side along the cup of your finger, apply the thumb between the
pelvic fin and the gill plates and apply pressure. A "pop" noise is
certain to be heard and the animal is now ready to be consumed by other
native critters. For advance technique, work on the Pop-Shoot Up In The
Air-Slap Out in the Water series.

2) Burn your eyes out Color - Example... "That dominant male nuptial
Greenside Darter just had Burn-Your-Eyes-Out-Green coloration!!"

3) The Porcelain Portal. Self explainatory.

Big Bluff Sculpin: "<flexing> Hey! I'm big and tough and major dominant!"
Big Meanie Goby: "Oh yeah? <WHAAAAP!!>"
Big Bluff Sculpin: "Aaghhh! Dude! Why did you rip my eye out! I was just
playin' -n- stuff!"
Big Meanie Goby: "Come back over here and I'll show you what it's like to
have your gills strung around your dorsal fin like reins on a horse, chump."

Just got off the phone with a very excited speakers committee member....
Looks like I'll be giving this presentation again in May at a local College.
It's mainly for a non-profit, but I guess it consists of and is a
continuing Ed program for area teachers?? (I'm not real sure how this all
works yet). Man if that doesn't have "returns" written all over it :)


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> Glad to hear the presentation went well. High schoolers can be a tough
> audience at times. I'm curious, though, about these "Crailisms." Are
> something one must see you do in person or can you pass them on to those
> us on the list?
> Terri
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