NANFA-- NANFA 2003 T-Shirts
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 14:17:46 EST

Calling all well-dressed Fish Heads!
I just picked up NANFA's 2003 Convention T-Shirts!
I'm really excited and proud of the way they have turned out! :). The concept
and design work really fell into place during the initial stage but i had a
very difficult time in getting the results i desired from a quality printer
after several frustrating attempts. I just picked up the shirts a few days
ago and they are dang near incredible!
The front of the shirt features a full color rendering of the Barrens
Topminnow, Fundulus julisia, by Joe Tomelleri. This beautiful illustration
overlays the 3 states of the Tennessee Valley region marked with its waters.
A DeLorme topo zoomie of the Huntsville area is superimposed over the states
and highlights the terrain we will be exploring during the convention. A soft
shadow of the North American continent lies in the background and unifies the
design's perimeter. The appropiate logotype, copy and information completes
the design.
The back of the shirt features an X-Ray of one of the few remaining preserved
specimens of the now extinct Whiteline Topminnow. It was last collected in
1889 and is considerd to be the close relative of the endangered Barrens
Topminnow. The X-Ray shows great detail of the skeletal structure of this
small fish from the fin rays down to the skull and teeth. Very interesting.
The shirts are printed in full color ( 8 colors on the front! ) on an ash
grey heavy weight 100% cotton shirt. The X-Ray and its referencing copy are
printed on the back in white and black for starkness.
This shirt design culminates an idea i had long contemplated and finally
developed into fullness. In considering that the convention will be in
Huntsville Alabama i thought it very appropiate to acknowledge and to reflect
on the Whiteline Topminnow's extinction and the ongoing concerns for its
close cousin and regional neighbor the wonderful Barrens Topminnow. This is
very fitting for NANFA's concerns and the celebration of our North American
I want to thank David Etnier for providing insight and Jim Williams for
providing reference material and the X-Rays for these little animals. I wish
to thank Pat Rakes and JR Shute for their advice on the design and their work
in preserving and propogating Fundulus julisia. Another thank you to Bruce
Stallsmith for the interesting essay on the extinction of the Fundulus
albolineatus ( American Currents Summer 2001 ) and the use of his DeLorme 3D
Topo CD. And finally a big thank you to Joe Tomelleri for the use of his
wonderful illustration. I appreciate all their advice and help on this
I have had 100 shirts printed... more than any other previous year's order. I
chose this amount to keep the cost for the quality and color to a minimum and
in full hopes that each and every shirt will go to good homes and warm
The shirts will sell for $20. each ( $22. 2XL & 3XL ). of which NANFA will
recieve $10. from each shirt for their treasury, grants and ongoing projects.
( The shirts cost $10.25 or $12.25 each to produce. ) Shipping & handling is
$5. per package no matter how many shirts are requested... within reason! I
guess i will have to go to UPS if someone wants a half dozen or more! This
project is my contribution to NANFA and has been a pleasant labor of love. I
do enjoy NANFA, the fellowship and all these little fishes. It's a great joy
for me.

You may send your check, made out to NANFA, directly to me and i will
immediately ship your shirt and forward the check(s) to NANFA.
Casper Cox / Prizam
1200 Dodds Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37404

Get your shirt early and start promoting the upcoming convention! If you wear
it out i may have some more at the convention!

Enter the address below for NANFA's 2003 Convention and to look at the
shirt's front and back...

Note... these shirts are not guaranteed against barb wire snags, muck
staining or resulting spawning behavior. :)
Wear at your own risk!

I just sent out the first 11 shirts and have another 2 dozen spoken for and
will be box shipping them soon as most are multiple orders. that is over
1/4th of the printed quanity already!
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