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B.G.Granier (
Mon, 1 Mar 2004 17:09:00 -0500

Hi all,

As an anecdote to the story of legally taken species, most Fish and Game state officials are trained to identify only the sports-species whether it be hunting, fishing or trapping, etc. And as a tribute to them (a little kudo's go a long way) they do a very hard and sometimes dangerous job.

Once when a fellow NANFA member were out looking for baby Bowfins (Amia calva), we had along two bags of Heterandria formosa in my truck, for David's home aquaria. After inspecting our catch of baby Bowfins, one of the wardens spotted the two bags of H. formosa in the truck and asked to see them. He actually thought that they were baby Largemouth Bass until I respectfully informed that no, they weren't. I explained to him that they are actually the smallest livebearer (like Gambusia) that are found in the southern USA.

We, of course, had current Louisiana fishing licenses and explained that the baby Bowfins were for use on a trot-line as catfish bait. As a matter of fact, we indeed dropped off all but about a dozen of them at my Dad's house. Dad used to fish for catfish every spring in the floodwaters of the Mississippi River.

So, be aware that these people are just trying to do a job while checking out your activities.


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