Re: NANFA-- shooting turtles

R. W. Wolff (
Wed, 3 Mar 2004 18:07:27 -0600

In Wisconsin it is an illegal method to take turtle with a firearm. That is
enough for me not to do it. If I were going to do it, the reasons would be
to use the turtle for food, or possibly feed for instance. Or maybe make
it's shell into a helmet. What I am getting at, don't shoot and kill
something for the fun of it. Use it. Turtles are far from varmints. Coyotes
run amok have caused lots of troubles, possibly with the Ruffed Grouse
population. Of course this is blamed on the newly resurrected population of
turkey. But even still, there are people who will at least take the coyote
carcasses for the pelts. Unless you plan to feed other coyotes, why leave it

Turtles are to blame for some things, maybe making them a varmint in some
peoples eyes. But the truth is, turtles are usually the clean up crew from
some other cause of death to game fish and water fowl. Now that is a valid
job. Shooting turtles is not a sensible way to take them if you planned to
eat them anyways. Better to trap, hand catch, or even net them. Not much use
when they are disintegrated.


> Is this a conservation issue or an animal rights issue?
> Are there any shooters on this list? How do you feel about "varminting"
> general (e.g. coyotes, prairie dogs)?
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