Re: NANFA-- OT: shooting turtles

Todd Crail (
Thu, 4 Mar 2004 10:37:39 -0500

And I'll add that I have environmentally justifiable reasons to take pot
shots at starlings, house sparrows and ferral cats that come into my yard
and disrupt the native fauna I'm trying to create suburban refuge in their
"lawn-locked" habitat fragmentation. They're invasive exotics which only
decrease biodiversity, and I personally feel that's a huge threat to
humanity's buffer time zone to figure out what is sustainable and what is

But that doesn't mean I sit out back with six pack and gun, and spend my
Saturday going "OH MAN THAT HAD TO HURT! GROSS!!!"

Now that doesn't mean I haven't thought about it ;) But acting it out is a
completely different issue. And then filming it... Gawd that's just

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From: "Hoover, Jan J ERDC-EL-MS" <>
> >>> I reason that when it is in his
> yard, it is a varmint... They also attract rattlesnakes. While neither he
> nor I would consider
> wantonly killing a rattlesnake in the open desert, ones on his property
> destroyed.
> So...for a "varmint," the failure to respect the property rights of humans
> is a capital offense ?
> >>>...5' + Western
> Diamondback. You don't want them living in your yard even if you don't
> kids or
> pets. Venomous snake bites seriously damage healthy adults. I reason
> rattlesnakes in his yard are varmints...<<<<
> I reason that we humans are the interlopers and have a responsibility to
> wildlife that lives (or lived) where we now build our homes.
> few people are bitten by snakes. And according to one herpetologist whose
> opinion I value highly, most of those bitten were probably provoking the
> snake before it bit. In my opinion, killing snakes because they might
> you is like killing bees because they might sting you. Its
> insensitive.
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