Re: NANFA-- shooting turtles

Ty Hall (
Thu, 04 Mar 2004 10:39:36 -0600

Everyone has different opinions. I'm not asking you to agree with mine, nor do I
require your approval. I am simply amazed when people move into a habitat occupied by a
potentially dangerous animal and then act surprised when they see one. Worse, now it's
ok to start killing them, because they are in "My Yard."

As for your category comment that is simply a tug (ie; flamebait) to make this
something that does not belong on the list and I will not participate.


Irate Mormon wrote:

> Are you serious? I suppose if you have a perfectly manicured lawn, you probably
> will see a snake long before you step on it. OTOH, my daugher did not see a
> copperhead which was resting underneath the chair she usually sits in, which is
> on a concrete slab. She realized the snake was there when it struck at her and
> hit the chair.
> I have gotten within 3 feet of a cottonmouth without being able to see it, even
> when somebody was pointing directly at it. People DO get bitten when treading
> on or near unseen snakes. This may constitute provovation, but I think you were
> referring to _deliberate_ provocation?
> Would I be correct in placing you and Jan on the "animal rights" side of the issue?
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