NANFA-- RE: PVC Pipe colors

BG Granier (
Fri, 5 Mar 2004 13:24:09 -0600

Hi and thanks for all the great suggestions to my question about PVC pipe
color and methods of painting the common white PVC to a black color.

After browsing around this morning at Wal-Mart, True Value,
and O'Reilly's Auto Parts, I believe that I've found the best product for
this job.

O'Reilly's Auto Parts has spray cans of "Bondo brand Easy Finish Bumper Black"
that is formulated to refinish the black plastic bumper parts of cars, trucks,
etc. Evidently, it has the added solvents necessary to make it adhere to
plastic parts much better than the commonly available enamels, etc.

I used a rough grade of sandpaper on the pieces of white PVC pipe and then
cleaned it with a rag. No solvents necessary, just wiped it clean. I sprayed
the white PVC piping and let it dry for an hour and could not rub off the
paint and it is also not easily scratched by my fairly hard fingernails. So, I
feel like this product seems to be the best and easiest solution to my

Thanks again for all the response NANFAN'S!

BG Granier
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