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Todd Crail (
Sat, 6 Mar 2004 22:21:17 -0500

Aren't the Western Ghats one of the world's hotspots for biodiversity? I
seem to recall E.O. Wilson making mention of it in one of his biodiversity
books, and the new development is a _huge_ threat to the natural heritage
that is still in place, if they don't do it right. Sounds like they're at
least thinking! :)

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> Ty Hall wrote:
> > Everyone has different opinions. I'm not asking you to agree with
> mine,
> > nor do I require your approval. I am simply amazed when people move
> > into a habitat occupied by a potentially dangerous animal and then
> > act surprised when they see one.
> I know that I am risking the wrath of NANFA members here, but,
> I would like to add to the native fauna displacement info,
> but, from India.
> Bombay (or Mumbai as it is now called) is one of the most densely
> populated areas in the world with 18 million people crowded
> in an area of approx 172 sq miles. Bombay used to 12 islands
> off the mainland. These islands are now joined into one big
> land-mass (by reclaimation) into Greater Bombay.
> Anyway, population pressures have got developers building on
> the mainland in an area called "New Bombay", in the foothills
> of the Western Ghats mountain range, displacing the native animals.
> The Ghats are the equivalent of the Cascade Mountains of WA, OR.
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