Re: NANFA-- RE: Mollusks
Mon, 8 Mar 2004 15:37:11 EST

i see the asian clams everywhere around here. common common in the bank
gravel and dredges from the tn river getting pea gravel.
i dont try to keep many of the other mollucks as they are often listed... if
not all of them here. my few attempts meet with failure after a few months.
i too would like to play w/ zebra mussels in a tank but that is a big no no
extreme o.
i have not seen any zebras in the local wild... just pics.
do they not say how much the great lakes have cleared from the zebra mussels
filtration? seems like that was discussed while in illinois during the
convention. not to give them any value tho.

an odd experience... here in chattanooga just south a friend lost his remote
control boat in a pond. i catch glass shrimp here along w/ topminnows. it is
also close to a mountain stream where i snorkel in the spring til it turns
green w/ algae. while i was wading in this murky pond up to my very chin i could
feel lumps which i took to be the boat. i reached down w/ my net and came up w/
a big rough textured clam... many of them were felt during this wade... i
think they are called wash board clams. i thought it very odd they would be
prospering in this small pond such a long way from the river proper. is this a
natural habitat for them? i think the pond is spring fed via underground seepage.
lots of people fish here for bass. lots of vegetation. very murky. muskrats
and beavers are there too. i always thought mollusks liked flowing water.

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