Re: NANFA--scoopnet success
Mon, 8 Mar 2004 17:44:03 EST

I'd like to give ol' B.G.'s scoopnet another plug. I have a fine meshed 3" x
5" dipnet duct taped to a 7' long hardwood stick that I have used for over a
year now to dipnet daphnia out of a pond. After work last week, I stopped by
the pond and got out old reliable and for the following half hour reached as
far out into the pond as I could to collect daphnia. I ended up collecting
probably a little less than a half cup of daphnia. Fast forward to yesterday
evening. I threw B.G.s scoop net that I'd placed some fine mesh netting inside
of the regular mesh that came with the net and ran over to the pond at dusk. I
made two tosses out about 30 feet into the pond. Only two! Each scoop
resulted in about a cup of daphnia. Two scoops - two cups, in maybe 5 minutes! I
can't imagine collecting live fish food being any easier or quicker. Plus I
didn't have to get muddy or wet as I stood on the pond bank to cast the
scoopnet. Thanks, again, B.G.

Bruce Scott
Meridian, Idaho
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