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> Do any of you know anything about keeping cephalopods in captivity? I am
> particularly interested in nautilus and octopus. How long do they live?
> What do
> they eat? etc. The biggest tank I could put them in is 125 gallons.
I've kept many octopus in aquariums, they need a very aggressive filtration
system both biological and particle they need stable conditions in the range of
the best marine waters. Octopus only live about a year or so, don't get
attached to them, which is very easy to do. They have a lot of personality and get
bored easily. A 125 could keep a pretty good sized octopus if it had a really
good filtration system. A UV sterilizer is probably a good idea. they eat a
lot and make a lot of waste. Most octopus will climb out of an aquarium in a
heart beat so a tight fitting top is mandatory. I had one I fed crayfish, he
learned to climb out of his tank and go to the freshwater tank get the crayfish
and bring them back to eat in his marine tank. I had one that delighted in
squirting water at unsuspecting people as they walked by his aquarium. and I had
one that tried to eat the family cat. There is a cephalopod list and I am on it
but I lost all my e-mail addresses recently but as soon as I get a digest from
them I'll forward it to you.

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