Re: NANFA--Kentucky snubnose

Bob Muller (
Mon, 8 Mar 2004 21:46:58 -0500

I started with a 4 X 6 X 0.5 ceramic title, the long edge siliconed to a
piece of 1/4-inch plate glass. This was placed in a 15-gallon bare tank
with two males and one female. The fish were removed from my cold room
about two weeks ago (50 F & 11 hours of light) the temp in their tank is now
65F with 15 hours of light. Last night I noticed a papilla on the female.
The males were chasing each other and mounting the female on the tank
bottom. I could see no eggs on the tile so I add a rock (5 inches in
diameter and 1.5 inches thick) leaning against the tile almost vertically.
When I got home from work I removed the rock to look for eggs I found 8 the
tile had none. The eggs are 1.4 mm diameter with a yellow yoke. The male
are one of the most attractive darters I have kept, not brilliant color, but
great looking fish. I have never spawned a darter that lays eggs this way
before. The Tuscaloosa darters are still going strong, but I lost most of
the speckled darter fry.

Bob Muller
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