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Tue, 9 Mar 2004 00:00:23 EST

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> Interesting news about being a bait dealer and the troubles that can become
> of it. Is this what is in store for those who catch fish and take them home
> for their aquariums? Don't think it can't happen.....
> Ray W.
> /
real easy to sit back and watch someone else's rights get trampled on and do
nothing. The time may come when the watchful eye of some government agency
turns their aim at you. God help you, they have unlimited resources, unlimited
time, have many other agencies that they can send your way, and don't give a
damn if you stay in business, or live or die for that matter.

I've been beating my head against the wall for years trying to tell people
that we are all in this together. Any abuse of the rights of a citizen
eventually come back to haunt everyone. Usually the little guy is the one who gets
screwed, everyone's civil rights are interconnected, none of us live in a vacuum.
If one mans rights can be trampled on for one thing then it becomes easier
for someone else's rights to be stomped out for something else. When I started
breeding fish I made sure all my permits stated the fish I was allowed to breed
by Latin names not by the vague laws that simply state gamefish/nongamefish.
probably still isn't enough if someone ever decides to stop my feeble breeding
efforts but it made me feel better. this sort of thing will eventually be
what drags our nation down, not invading armies. Vague laws with greedy power
hungry people in control of them.


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