Re: NANFA-- Gator Goes for Ride on Fla. School Bus (OT)

Leo Arieux (
Tue, 9 Mar 2004 17:01:38 -0600 (CST)

Scott ;

You obviously have not seen the teeth on a 4' Gator.....nor experienced
the strength of the bite. I caught about a 3' gator on a plastic worm
fishing bass several years ago and can say that it put some nasty gouges
in a broom stick that I stuck in it's mouth in order to remove the hook
in it's tongue. I assume flesh is considerable softer than wood.

They should have not been "messin" with that gator in the first place.
It was providential that "one of the kids" did at least manage to tape
the jaws shut....however what could have happened while doing so is not
pleasant to contemplate.

I find the bus driver severely lacking in judgement and should be
reprimanded accordingly. I know "kids will be kids" but that is why the
bus drivers are adults and should have better perspective.

Have a safe day and stay well,


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