R. W. Wolff (
Wed, 10 Mar 2004 01:09:15 -0600

I received my currents in the mail today. I have not had a chance to read
much of it, but did a few things.

I really liked Bob Bocks article about his sunfish at the end. I have had
similar experience entering sunfish in tropical fish show. This is usually
regulated to the other, or cold water sections. Often competing against a
range of other fish that would not be acceptable to the cichlid or
livebearer purist- let along killi keeper which I am one.

Other than sunfish, darters are big draws for NA fish. But the sunfish
really rule. The familiar cichlid form, and often showing some personality
catches on fast with viewers at the shows. Usually the conversations start
off with " uhhh, neat bluegill, aren't those illegal?". They end up with, "
I have a 55 in the garage and have to catch one of those guys, they are so

If you have a similar situation ( if not, make one!). I recommend the green
sunfish. Most people at a fish show know all about the "nasty cichlid", and
their general care. They are already almost there to keeping a green
sunfish, if not past it. Greens are tough, usually take to prepared foods
and show a personality. It is enough to hook those doubters on the fish in
their backyard. Once they are hooked, then it all falls into place.

Look forward to reading the rest over breakfast and supper the next couple

Ray W.
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