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> Has anyone developed an inexpensive laboratory setup for Gambusia
> >(mosquitofish), sunfish, or other smallish fish known to hybridize
> >readily, and want to give some details?
> >
> >Someone in my lab group priced an aquaria setup and it was like $60,000.
> >However this was for zebrafish and they are, I believe, saltwater
> >species, and I'm sure it must be much less expensive to just have a few
> >aquaria with Gambusia! What all is needed besides the obvious, aquaria,
> >aerators/pump, water, food? How many can live in a standard sized
> >aquarium and stay healthy? Any other weird problems that are
> >encountered?

I've seen the set up you are talking about, Aquatic Ecosystems sells one like
that. The Zebra fish are freshwater Zebra Danios. The set up isn't worth near
what they want for it for sure. If I wanted to do what you described I would
use Least Killifish (Heterandria formosa) Gambusia are too large, aggressive,
and they eat their own young with so much gusto it's much more difficult to
breed them. You could keep three dozen Least killifish in a 10 gallon tank with
sponge filters and an air pump. I would have a light over the tank to grow a
plant like Hornwort (Certophyllum demersum) for the babies to hide in. Maximum
price around $50. Heterandria formosa are live bearers whereas the Zebra fish
are egg layers. It might be a little bit more difficult to keep and breed egg
layers than live bearers but if you want really easy egg layers I would use
White Cloud Mountain Minnows (Tanichthys albonubes) same set up as Heterandria
formosa but the babies are smaller and require smaller food. Both fish can
tolerate cool water temps and are easy to breed. The same set up can be used to
keep pygmy sunfish but the breeding is a little bit more difficult.
Links to sites with info follows


Least killifish</A> <A
HREF="">White Cloud Mountain Minnow</A> <A
atergardenshop/hornwort.html&e=7370">Hornwort / Certophyllum demersum</A>
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