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Scott Davis (
Thu, 11 Mar 2004 23:46:11 -0600

> Does anything fishy live in the Dead sea area? I believe that is the
> point.

If that is the lowest land area of the world (which sounds familiar) then
Steffen is right on target. Several years ago there was a National
Geographic special on the "Holy Land". When they shifted their focus to the
Dead Sea, they mentioned that it was too mineral laden to support fish life.
Then they went on to mention that there were fish which lived in water right
up to the sea waters. Tilapia were mentioned and shown. The narrator
continued to note that there was another fish, a killifish, which lived even
closer to the Dead Sea water.

I was so astonished that I really just saw an underwater tape, in shallow
water, of cichlids and a familiar looking killie. Got lucky and caught a
later showing of that tape. Sure enough, there were Aphanius mento (found
from coastal Turkey down the Levant Coast and throughout the fertile
crescent) romping around with a species of Tilapia (S. zilli? S. galileaus?)
I don't really know cichlids well enough to ID one.

That environment may explain why dumped zilli have thrived in the Salton
Sea, at great cost to the pupfish, Cyp macularius, there.

All the best!

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