NANFA-- Record Blue and Miscellany

John B (
Sat, 13 Mar 2004 20:57:08 -0600

Here are a few pics of the record Blue Bullhead Catfish known locally as
"Splash". Sorry about the fuzziness but my camera does poorly in dimly
lit situations with movement. Got three memberships. Exciting details
on the 3rd Annual Texas Native Fish Weekend coming soon. Firm Date:
June 26 Location: San Marcos River.
I spoke with the caretaker today, Dave Campbell of the Texas Freshwater
Fisheries Center, about Splash and a number of other issues and items.
Here are some offered up to the group to discuss:

* Splash gets fed twice a day with Koi. Koi because they get the
best growth rate and utilization of feed.
* They experimented with a cross of Koi X Carp (grass?). Got
extremely good growth rates but the risk of accidental release was
too great without enough information on the viability of the F1s.
* Splash will be returned to the wild, maybe in the fall even though
the TFFC has enjoyed record attendance due to Splash's presence.
A very difficult decision to make. This is the wish of the
angler that caught him.
* A few years ago D. Campbell captured and bred "golden" Green
Sunfish. Bass ate these preferentially to everything else in the
tank (Koi, Golfish, Golden Shiners). I suggested maybe they
prefered due to the novelty. (?) Anyone aware of this variant?
* I was able to catch a photo of the Paddlefish filterfeeding. The
water was pretty green and I shooting through 4" of Acrillic.
* Overheard, "I would've shot that catfish"!
* Setting up a NANFA Tank with Pygmy Bandeds, Chrysotus, Madtoms at
the TFFC.
* Sat in on a lecture on the value of welands and the programs
within the state and federal agencies to promote and maintain
wetlands. I have sat in on several of these talks now. Never are
fish mentioned. Plants, soil and water are the focus, and of
course Birds, Birds, Birds. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the
bird diversity and I am getting to know them fairly well. Wetland
plants I enjoy studying especially since I have a number in my
tanks! Fish fauna is never discussed however. It seems that if
you have the wetland the fish will come. If you build a wetland,
well, "we'll just throw some shiners and gambusia in there and
that is that". There must be some inherent value to the wetland
to populate it with as diverse a population of fish fauna as
possible but it is never discussed.

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