Re: NANFA-- a sucker affair...

Todd Crail (
Sun, 14 Mar 2004 12:09:56 -0500

Thanks Ray. Yeah this is a larger fish too. I haven't taken a measurement
yet (probably 8"), but it's one of the larger sucker specimens I've caught
in this "watershed". I just couldn't believe how long the anal fin was.

In looking at it more last night, I did notice that the scales were much
smaller anteriorly and progressed to larger, more routine scales ventrally.
That should pretty much rule everything else out, besides a hybrid, if
that's even possible.

But that anal fin is just so danged long! :)

I should have pictures later today. I took the plunge and hit him with
aquarium water last night so he could acclimate better. If it was cut and
dry, I was going to return him (before he hit any aquarium water for sure!)
but I made the decision that if it was a white sucker, I had information to
glean for myself and it wasn't going to affect the population... If it was
something else, it'd need vouchered. So I tainted him, and now he stays ;)
Hopefully my 75 is big enough for him. Maybe I need to go pick up that 100
gallon this afternoon so there's a larger footprint.

What I need to do is get a handy netman up here so we can blockade these
pools in the ditch and see what all is in there. There's nice runs that are
about 3' deep and 20' long with beautiful undercuts. I saw so many fish
shoot out away from me. Large and small... I'm sure the majority are a ton
of prespawn creek chubs in there, but I just gotta know!

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> Probably a male getting into spawning finnage. This fin should develop
> strong tubercules as well. Atleast that is what I think you saw, since I
> know I have seen that on white suckers, bigger ones well over a foot.
> Back to the snakehead movie, lammmmmmmeeeeeee......
> Ray W.
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