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Tue, 16 Mar 2004 17:58:49 EST

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> The problem is that I have no good stores in the area, one has nice staff
> carry dyed fish, the other has good fish but really bad customer service.
I have to choose between pets+ and petsmart neither of which is exactly Mom
and pop. I've heard some advice that almost made vapor lock to keep from
butting in and telling the people what bad advice they are getting. One guy the
other day I had to tell him to either bag my fish or I'd go to another store. He
was trying to tell me that I couldn't' keep the fish I was buying together. I
tried to be nice at first but when he virtually insisted I tell him why I was
buying a particular fish against his advice I almost went off on him. I've had
fish older than this nut case! Your choice is no advice or bad advice. I can't
figure it out but all of them continue to do business. I guess they are the
only game in town. Now with salt water there is only one place to go "Tropical
Paradise" and this guy knows what he is doing but to him freshwater is just an
after thought.

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