RE: NANFA--List etiquette

Hoover, Jan J ERDC-EL-MS (
Tue, 16 Mar 2004 15:19:54 -0800

This is my personal opinion. You can take it for what you believe it is

Subscribers to this list need to be a lot more responsible for the content
of their posts. Specifically, they should avoid items that are far afield
from the goals of this organization and they should not post items that are
inflammatory or offensive. Many of the posts during the past few months are
counter-productive to NANFA.

NANFA membership represents a wide range of educational backgrounds,
socio-political ideologies, and ages (some of our members are minors).
Ill-conceived missives regarding the collecting and keeping of imperiled
species and containing personal political opinions and vulgarities do not
reflect well on our organization.

How many people have subscribed to this list prior to joining NANFA and then
decided not to join because of list content? How many established members
have lost credibility (for themselves or for the organization) because of
the extravagant viewpoints repeatedly expressed by a few of the subscribers
? How many subscribers do not participate in open discussions because of
prevailing content ?

Some of you are not even members so you may not have a vested interest in
NANFA - but we all suffer when we allow (and encourage) blatantly
inappropriate topics.

Post responsibly. To paraphrase Ann Landers, ask yourself:
Is it true ?
Is it kind ?
Is it necessary ?

- Jan Hoover
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