Re: NANFA--List etiquette
Tue, 16 Mar 2004 19:57:29 EST

Ok Jan, you are right, what is off topic? How close to fish does the post
have to be. I really don't want to part of hurting this organization at all in
any way. I know I step out sometimes, it's not from lack of caring. It's really
difficult to stay within borders or know when a topic is if out of control
until it is to far gone. If people think someone is out of control then they
should be asked to leave. I will if it is the best thing for the list. I really
try to cut out any thing vulgar, it's just in poor taste anywhere but sometimes
things are more important to some than others. Some people sign on and expect
to read an interactive Q/A text book about keeping fish. Other's want to trade
info or fish or just talk about what they collected yesterday with someone
who cares. That is a big part of it I think, when you collect native fish almost
every one just gives you blank stare when you mention it. Or asks if you make
money off it, if you don't the blank stare gets deeper. And if you think
you'll get a blank stare about the fish you caught last week that were too small
to eat and no money was made try talking about collecting laws, habitat loss,
or breeding conditions. Other people want to talk about anything at all like
they are having a conversation with any one at all. I am at a loss to figure out
how to avoid an off topic thread completely.

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