Re: NANFA-- A few more quick Octopus notes
Wed, 17 Mar 2004 02:34:53 EST

With these octopus e-mails you guys have me in the mood to try octopus again.
The best thing about them is if you live near the ocean you can catch your
own! So in a a way they are native ah fish? Well maybe not fish but they are
native. i swore that i would never keep one again in less than a 100 gallon tank
or larger. they are so active and curious it's just not fair. also at least
some of them love to build and small smooth objects fascinate them. they will
build a wall around their abode and if you move a piece of the wall they will
swell up and turn bright red like they are mad and methodically put the piece
back in it's place. A new object is a thing of joy and they take great pain to
blow water on any new object as if to clean it off and will look for a long
time to make sure they put it in just the right place. something that floats is
also a popular toy. drives them to distraction not to be able to keep it from
floating. they will also squirt water at you when they want attention. Really
great animals, if they had life spans as long as ours they would probably rule
the planet!


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