Re: NANFA-- Aquarium magazines

Mysteryman (
Wed, 17 Mar 2004 18:46:59 -0800 wrote:
> Which is your favorite: AFM, TFH, and FAMA?
I actually got into a very heated argument with several people online
regarding this very topic.

I like FAMA. However, that's only because the magazine that WOULD be my
favorite does not exist.

TFH is slipping. It's old and venerated and over the years has been a
valuable source of info for uncounted hobbyists. Alas, nowadays the
pressures of the mass-market have dumbed it down considerably. How sad.

FAMA has had it's ups and downs as well; there's no denying that.
However, it's currently the best source of truly useful information
currently available.

AFM- This started out as a bit of cheap fluff, but has since become
really respectable. It's a wannabe that just might GET to be, if it
isn't already. It tries harder, and the results have been quite good

All in all, what we need is a magazine somewhat like a hybrid between
FAMA and AFM, and twice as thick. Cutting edge info and old basics,
clear presentation with good editing and photographs, and substantial
enough to be really worth the monthlong wait for it.
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