Re: NANFA-- a sucker affair...

Todd Crail (
Wed, 17 Mar 2004 23:07:26 -0500

Well I have this guy in a tank now. Dusky and orange and black with
shimmers of chartreuse in the right angle of light. Man it's beautiful!
The anal fin and caudal have tubercles on them... You're not kidding about
the plastic characteristics, and artificial feeling of the fins. I have a
whole new appreciation for this species!

A striped shiner is starting go full bloom too. I was suprised to see
crimson appearing in that small a specimen. I need to get over the
elementary school where I have some bigguns.

Tank maintenance is this weekend... Photos to follow :)

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From: "R. W. Wolff" <>

> The anal fin seemed thicker too, like made out of heavy plastic.
> The anal fin length put it half way down the tail atleast when folded back
> against the body.
> The anal fin was covered with tubercales, making it feel even more
> artificial.
> By mid April when the run is done, the anal fin reverts back to a normal
> size.
> This is the time of year it should start showing up. It is pre spawn.
> Around here white suckers are some of the earliest fish to spawn, just
> before walleyes and during pike.
> ( The bulk of the walleye run is just going to start, with most spawning
> the first half of April, pike spawn at ice out)
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