Re: NANFA-- a sucker affair...

R. W. Wolff (
Thu, 18 Mar 2004 22:35:46 -0600

I believe they think they ran out of fish? I have written them repeatedly
that being a multi species magazine should include more than the two bass,
two pike, one panfish, one walleye, one carp or catfish and two salmonid
articles. There are atleast that many more species fish that are fun to
catch. Those other fish did include some bait style articles. They could
certainly cover more fish that are small, like darters. I guess just keep
writing them. I also wrote I thought they got off cheap by throwing a number
of different sunfish all together in that one column. Meanwhile how many
types of trout did they dig up to have their own column?

What fish ranges most of the eastern United States?
Which fish easily exceeds two foot in length?
Which fish is a blast to catch, admitted by those who aren't even fishing
for it?
Which fish can be caught in a number or ways, thus escaping snob status?
Which fish if prepared right can make a tasty meal?
Which fish is steeped in lore and interest?
Which fish most likely helps in promoting healthy fisheries?
Which fish has only been in In-Fisherman once?



Don't get me wrong. I have seemlessly subscribed to In Fisherman since the
mid 80's, and scattered newstand buys before that. I think they have the
best fishing magazine, shows etc out there, but when I want my favorite to
keep doing better, atleast in my opinion. That would be my answer to the
fish magazine question - keep doing what sells, but always look out for that
next angle that makes your product better than the next guys. These are
articles that children to grizzled veteran anglers can take something away
from. They also don't have to be fishing for the featured fish, the methods
work in many situtations. Combining that with an AC style with subscribers
contributing articles on top of the regular features.You would also have to
hire Chris as editor to make it work.

Ray W.
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