NANFA-- A coverup by the government? Surely not...

Mysteryman (
Fri, 19 Mar 2004 16:04:24 -0800

A few weeks ago a local fisherman caught a juvenile Alabama Sturgeon in
Alabama's Yellow River, just a few miles from my house. He didn't know
what it was, so he took it in to the bait shop to show it off. The bait
shop guy recognized it and consenually confiscated it, and then he
called the game warden. The game warden came and picked up the fish to
do whatever it is that they do with fish like these.
About ten days later, Feds aplenty swarmed into that bait shop with many
questions. After getting a vague idea of where the fish was found, they
took off to spend the next ten days or so surveying the river.

You see, an adult would have been unusual enough, but a young juvenile
got the fish and wildlife people all fired up, because this sturgeon has
a very specific habitat requirement for spawning.

Now the authorities are suddenly telling everyone not to eat any fish
caught in the yellow river, especially if they were caught in only TWO
SPECIFIC AREAS of the river. Why? They say that anyone who does will get
lead poisoning. People are strongly urged to avoid those areas.

Doesn't lead flow downstream along with the rest of the water?

I found out about this from the baitshop guy, who told me that the feds
told him not to make any mention of the sturgeon to anyone. The only
reason he told me about it was because he was worried that my quest for
the Bluenosed Shiner in the Yellow River would bring heavy heat. He's
already lost a bunch of business in sales, and doesn't want the whole
river closed down on account of some "snail-darter mess."

Anyway, I put two and two together, and I think I've found a coverup.
I'd be willing to bet that those two spots we're all supposed to avoid
are really sturgeon spawning sites which have no lead contamination
But that's just me; I see conspracies everywhere.

What do you think?
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