RE: NANFA-- A coverup by the government? Surely not...

Hoover, Jan J ERDC-EL-MS (
Fri, 19 Mar 2004 15:26:54 -0800

Gastropod man writes:
>>>A few weeks ago a local fisherman caught a juvenile Alabama Sturgeon in
Alabama's Yellow River, just a few miles from my house....
called the game warden. The game warden came and picked up the fish to
do whatever it is that they do with fish like these....
About ten days later, Feds aplenty swarmed into that bait shop with many
Anyway, I put two and two together, and I think I've found a coverup.
I'd be willing to bet that those two spots we're all supposed to avoid
are really sturgeon spawning sites...
What do you think?<<<

Jan writes:

I think that posting something like this is odd to say the least.
Catching a juvenile Alabama sturgeon is only a little less remarkable than
catching a goblin shark or a coelacanth.
Assuming the story is true - you should have contacted state resource
agencies and the USFWS. I guarantee you that they would all be extremley
interested. Assuming the story is not true - you have contributed another
internet equivalent of an urban legend - like those giant alligator and mobs
of rattlesnake photos and pictures that have been circulating for a couple
of years.

The group that I work with spent a year working with other agencies (state
and federal) searching for Alabama sturgeon. I will be more than happy to
put you in touch with those biologists.

Since the un-named bait dealer was savvy enought to recognize the fish, I
assume he was also savvy enought to take photographs and contact the press.
Correct ?
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