Re: NANFA-- More off topic

Todd Crail (
Tue, 23 Mar 2004 10:32:08 -0500

> I'll withold judgement until I've seen it :-)

Wow, we're working through all the list courtesies :)

Please, please, please read ALL your email before you respond to anything!

It's not that difficult to mark a message you think you'd like to respond to
as "unread" again or left open as a window, and come back to it, should the
rest of the unread email not solve or create extra thought.

This will help prevent threads that have been requested to stop, to actually
stop, or prevent questions that have been answered, re-answered, and cut
down on the clutter of the list. I have done this with as few as a couple
emails, to the pile when I return from vacation. It's a courtesy that we
must extend to each other in our community here, as it will only be
proactive in the exchange of _pertinent_ information.

Again, threads requested to be stopped have been deemed inappropriate to the
purposes of the list, so further information about them would also be
inappropriate. This _includes_ argument that it was silly to ask that the
thread stop ;)

Email _off list_ if you think that it's _necessary_ to question wether a
thread be stopped.

Additionally, as much as I DO appreciate your sincere and timely response
Moon, appologizing only continues the thread. If a thread is asked to be
stopped, please don't appologize. The appologetic courtesy has been
extended by stopping the thread. Or if you really feel like you need to,
appologize to me off list or to I dunno, someone else... Just not the list

This last week has been a true pleasure with all topics staying on track
until we tripped a little here, and I'm very glad it was something as benign
as this to begin thinking alike on how this list will be run. It's
certainly not my intention to single out anyone, as I said yesterday, or
make a stink and a fuss.

It's also not my intention to become a moderator or a list cop, or for
anyone to have to fullfill that role. My preference is that we just avoid
non-topic conversation and no one has to say anything. :)

Will that work? (hint: keep your answer to yourself ;)

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