Re: NANFA-- Above ground pond

Irate Mormon (
Wed, 24 Mar 2004 22:31:43 -0500

Quoting Todd Crail <>:

> If it were me... I'd use all 4x4's and lagbolt everything together. Then
> you can take it down in the winter and move it inside ;)

My thinking on the use of landscape timbers is this:

1) They cost only 2 bucks each, vs. $6 for 4x4's
2) They're rated for ground contact
3) Stacked on their flat sides, they provide 5 inches of thickness (in the
horizontal dimension, I mean) vs. 3.5 inches for 4x4's. Hence they are stronger.
4) A single piece of rebar going through the entire height of the stack, and
well into the ground, should be much stronger than lag bolts which tie one
timber to its neighbor, at least for the construction method I have in mind.

I don't really have to worry about a hard freeze during winter (or any kind of
freeze for that matter), and at any rate the dimensions I have planned (8' by
24') would not readily fit inside my house :-) I could really make it as high
as I want - is there any benefit from more than 2 feet? I would lose
surface/volume ratio by increasing the depth.

I have seen an indoor pond made like this - it was maybe 4' deep and had a
natural-looking (concrete and stone) backdrop which reached to the ceiling, and
served as a kind of waterfall. It had plants and stuff on it - it was gorgeous.
Kind of an open-air paludarium. Don't give me ideas Todd, my wife already
complains about the amount of space my 110 takes up!


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