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> I have seen an indoor pond made like this - it was maybe 4' deep and had a natural-looking (concrete and stone) backdrop which reached to the ceiling, and served as a kind of waterfall. It had plants and stuff on it - it was gorgeous.
> Kind of an open-air paludarium.

This is what I did in my greenhouse. I have a 300 gallon liner pond with the liner going up the four foot high block foundation of the back wall. The liner is padded behind with 1 inch blue board insulation pannel and the remaining few inched is tucked behind and I used plastic cap nails left over from the main construction to secure the pannel and liner to the wooden sill of the stud wall. Then the liner on the wall is covered with a mat of coconut husk fiber on which I am trying to encourage philodendron and various epiphytic plants to colonize. Hopefully it will become a leafy green wall in a few years- but even now it looks pretty decent.\

There is a small shoreline at the base of the wall built from rocks and a mix of lava rock, profile and organic amendments to support moss, ferns and other plants. Rock ledges with more of the same to either side and the front is a low wall of concrete blocks with appropriate sized pavers that makes a nice place to sit on while enjoying the greenhouse. One of my better jobs at hiding the liner- after having so much practice on outside ponds!

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