BG Granier (
Fri, 26 Mar 2004 16:16:28 -0600

Dear members,

I'm sorry if you feel that I'm burning up the NANFA list with my new net
innovations, but I've been collecting fish since I was 8 years old and have
always used the old common stuff like dip-nets, minnow-traps, seines,
cast-nets , etc. In my experience in the later years, I've found that not
every net fits every situation, every stream, or every environment.
Therefore, I have taken my years of experience and sampling of many
different types of habitat, to develop a new generation of fish and other
aquatic life forms in a new way of thinking! I am trying to establish a
source for new thinking and also keep the price low, but I need a little
more help in this endeavour!

I still use the old standard nets and receive all the catalogs from the "old
school of thought" but felt that I could somehow better the old stand-by
methods of collection of specimens. I am not asking for a premium price per
net like some of the other catalogs do, but only wish to keep myself busy
and help my fellow native fish fans in their pursuit of a few specimens for
their own observation, study and enjoyment of our very own, native fish
species! But, I may also add that my designs may also be innovative in
foreign countries on the other many desirable species of fish found there! I
have just sent a sample of the Shiner Scoop to Dr. Bruce Hansen in the land
down under to be tried out on their native species, at my own expense. (I
sent him the following message: I hope you LOVE it, and the 'bow's HATE it!)
He's going on another collecting trip this coming weekend and will give me a
report on it's effectiveness and useability.

Please advise if you're tired of seeing my post's here and I will stop.

Best Regards,

BG Granier

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