Re: NANFA-- Above ground pond
Fri, 26 Mar 2004 13:20:16 EST

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> To back this up. One of my ponds, in operation for six years has parts of
> the edgeing capped with treated planks. This has caused no problem with
> and plants. The caps are not in contact with the water except after heavy
> rains or at spring thaw. I have not done any real water changes, although
> lowering the water for maintenance etc has been done. I am far more worried
> about the effects of winter on my stuff, which has shown to be extemely
> harmful this time around.
Are they ground contact rated? I used to know a guy who ran a pressure
treating company. According to him the is a world of difference between ground
contact and regular pressure treated wood. Almost all ground contact is with wood
at least 4" thick and at the beginning of it's use it does leak worse than
regular pressure treated wood. I've done the above ground pond thing but I made
sure my top caps was made out of something other than pressure treated. W can
get some small amounts of red oak here. Top caps made of red oak 4x4's should do
just fine as well as acidify the water a little bit. As long as it doesn't
actually touch the ground it should be ok. Actually I have the idea floating
around in the back of my mind (a black hole for sure!) of making an aquarium out
of red oak with bare wood contacting the water for an acid black water effect.
I did it with redwood once and the effect was wild. The water turned a deep
red and went acid off the scale but Cardinal Tetras liked it.

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