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Fri, 26 Mar 2004 13:07:35 EST

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> In so much as I. R. is not planning on eating his fish (as far as I know. :)
> I don't think he needs worry about his own health from using the PT wood.
> Since the pond water should only occassionally come in contact with the
> (a sloshing here, a spill there), I can't imagine that the chemicals would
> even enter the water in significant quantities.
Burning it is the worst problem, people have indeed been severely poisoned by
breathing the smoke. Also playground equipment due to the unique nature of
how it is used also does result in significant soil levels of arsenic. the blood
streams of children who play on pressure treated wood have been found to
contain elevated levels of arsenic (there was a local study done by the EPA) I
wouldn't allow the pond water to come into contact with the wood but once a
certain point of age is reached the leaching effect does drop off to a lower level.
there is a giant flat worm that lives around here (an exotic) it gets to be
12" plus long and as much a 1/2" wide and for some reason it congregates under
pressure treated wood so the leaching effect can't as deadly as some would
have us believe.

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