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Mach Fukada (
Mon, 29 Mar 2004 11:22:04 -1000 (HST)

Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 17:59:52 EST
Subject: NANFA-- Sea anemones

Are sea anemones easy to keep? What amount of light do they need? The
amount of light I can get reasonably cheap is 120 watts of fluorescent

It does depend on the species of anemone. Also depends on how much of
that anemone energy is derived from photosynthesis or ingestion of food.
The glass or brown anemone aiptasia (sp?) grows like a weed in my tank, it
is lit by 1 compact flourescent, (smart light 50% 50% actinic and
daylight) and a wide sprectrum regular flourecent, this tanks also gets
sunlight. These anemones also survived in a tank only lit by a fourescent
light stick in a PVC raingutter as a reflector. In low light situations
this anemone needs to eat more. It eats flake food just fine. Allmost
too well.

I have a second species of anemone that does not reproduce as explosively.
It lives in the same niche as zoanthids (which I have a bunch of as well).
But this one does eat, gorws and splits.

For most other species it appears that water quality is a large factor.
The brown and my zonathid like anemone came from the harbor and seem to
tolerate polluted water quite well. The browns seem to also tolerate too
high and too low salinity. I remember having some in a specimen container
and allowing the water to evaporate. It did Ok until there was salt
crystals forming.

If you want some of these puppies I am sure I could send some alonge ;-)

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